The goal of GEM Matthews International Srl is to offer quality cremation solutions and collateral services, with particular focus on respect for the environment and the success of its customers. The production typology includes three types of furnaces designed and built in accordance with the latest European standards that provide different technical solutions to suit users' needs in terms of available space, usage type and reference regulations. The products offered are all EC-compliant to the specific use scenarios and have been selected in the light of the needs of the conductors of cremation plants.




GEM Matthews International Srl is able to offer turnkey solutions including project financing proposals as well as comprehensive assistance and qualified advice regarding the authorisation processes required to install cremation plants, ensuring full compliance with the requirements of local authorities, and to propose advanced solutions to the civil works necessary for the realisation of a modern crematorium.

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Our company's know-how and extensive experience, developed over more than thirty years in the field of combustion and cremation plants, allows us to offer reliable and cost-effective solutions to meet the demands of Public Administrations and customers in general, in full compliance with the most advanced European technical-environmental standards; in the specific case, full compliance is ensured with the most recent national and Community provisions, such as Regulation no. 1774/2002/EC.

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GEM Matthews International Srl progetto impianti di cremazione di ultima generazione dalla A alla Z. Mediante il proprio staff di ingegneri altamente qualificati è in grado di progettare oltre all’impianto, la struttura completa che opiterà il servizio al pubblico. Qui presentiamo in esclusiva un video-project che propone una soluzione d’avanguardia di elevata perfomances, anche sotto l’aspetto ecologio... en