Kokkola Krematorium, Finland


Compact solution for small crematoriums

The Kokkola crematorium is built in an old power plant building in the hospital area, Soite, in Kokkola in north part of Finland. It was decided to install one cremator and due to limited space, it was decided to go for a GEM CRM/3 one-sided cremator (insertion and ash-raking at the same end).


The crematorium was built in year 2021 and first cremation was performed in September the same year.


Plant description

The cremator is of model GEM CRM/3 and includes some of the latest innovations from GEM Matthews. The flue gas cleaning system reduces emissions, and the plant fulfills the latest European environment regulation. Gas burners are used, and CO analyzer monitors the flue gases continuously. The hot water from the process is possible to use for heating the building.


Technical data

Year of installation:           2021

No of cremation lines:       1

Model:                               GEM-CRM/3

                                          filter injection type

Total solutions provider:    GEM-Matthews s.r.l.

Compact system

GEM Matthews cremator model CRM/3 is suitable for small size crematoriums. The cremator has short pre-heating time contributing to flexibility. It is one-service sided making it compact. The system in Kokkola has been installed in a room with only 134 m2 and 3 m roof height.


Service and maintenance

Service is performed by GEM Matthews service team. Remote access via VPN is standard on all installation.


GEM Matthews Scandinavia

Kokkola is GEM Matthew’s second installation in Finland. GEM Matthews now has 16 units in operation in the Nordic countries (human and pet cremators).