Our experience is based on the production of tailored or customized projects, from the single plant, up to the designed turnkey large-scale plants.

Our ability to design and engineer plants to meet the most stringent standards and requirements of our client led to the accomplishment of numerous plants and installations. 

Our wide costumer network includes: hospitals and clinics, slaughterhouses, laboratories, veterinary institutes, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, crematoriums for pets, farms, government departments.

Our qualified staff is ready to recommend and assist the user in every step of the project. We help you out to determinate the right equipment for your present and future needs; we assist in planning the plant and provide site-specific design. 

We also perform an evaluation of the existing structure in order to guarantee a correct installation and to assist in obtaining all the necessary permits, including the environmental one. 

We can help you with any incineration or cremation project, anywhere in Europe. Just let us know how we can help you. Contact us at one of the addresses below, or use the form to send your application directly online.