Matthews Cremation Division Matthews Corporation


  • GEM Srl
    33100 Udine - Italy
    via Zanussi/ Z.I.U.
    Tel. 0432/524374
    Fax 0432/529977


impianti GEM CRP per la cremazione di animali d'affezione

For over twenty years, the Company of GEM srl based in Udine has been operating in the field of systems for environmental protection and energy recovery, designing, constructing and installing biomass and waste thermo-upgrading plants. GEM has gained vast experience through the production and installation of approximately one hundred such systems, which are now operating successfully both in Italy and elsewhere, in the most diverse of sectors: from the treatment of industrial waste and manufacturing scrap, to municipal solid waste, hospital waste, sludge from industrial processes or chemical and biological depuration, organic waste from slaughterhouses and animal carcasses, as well as the treatment of biomasses and vegetable waste in general, for the most part for the purpose of energy recovery. The company's technical department is equipped and authorised to manage all the principal operational phases, from feasibility studies to construction and installation, to testing, up to post-sales management and assistance. GEM designs, constructs and installs its own systems, thereby guaranteeing the company's clients the utmost reliability in operational terms, supported by the control procedures adopted: GEM operates a quality control system in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standards and has obtained certification to execute public works for the category in question.

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