Opening Ceremony of the new crematorium of Gorchov, near Katowice, South of Poland.


On 13 and 14 October 2017, the Opening Ceremony of the new crematorium was held in the municipality of Gorchov, near Katowice, South of Poland.  To follow the Open House was held with the opening of the structure to the local Funeral Directors and operators who in large number visited the new structure, appreciating the functionality of the service for the professionals and for the families.

The investment, carried out by the Brauner family, covered the total construction of the new crematorium building in addition to the installation of two cremators GEM CRM 3 equipped with automatic coffins insertion machine, Ash treatment system. In addition an advanced remote control system has been developed that allows a remote diagnosis giving the opportunity to the GEM Service to ensure at any time the continuity of cremation activity.

In addition to the two lines of cremation, the Crematorium building is provided with a modern room of the Farewell, an area for the delivery of the Ashes and an area dedicated to those families who want to attend the introduction of the coffins.