Taffo Funeral Services, a leading human funeral services company in central Italy has decided to extend its service to beloved pets as well.

Aware of the due distinction, the company has founded Taffo Pet with the aim of offering a service that is in keeping with new market demands while also in full observance of the very high standards that already apply to the human sector.

The Taffo company in Rome has therefore chosen IEB series Gem furnaces to offer families the best possible service available on the market today, in full respect of the beloved pet, and wholly in accordance with the certification requirements for separate pet ash collection.

This latest generation plant in the Pet sector is one of the few in central Italy and guarantees customers the possibility of offering a truly unique funeral service per pets.

the chosen plant is the hot hearth IEB model and which makes it possible to perform cremation comparable to the human division. Accordingly, on request, the family may attend the moment that their beloved pet is cremated, through the use of video cameras set up for this purpose; the funeral service is therefore carried out in full observance of regulations in force and with the due discretion required on this delicate occasion.

The significance of the provided service, the guarantee of performing your PET’s cremation with solemnity and rapidity are the cornerstones of the design of our IEB series Pet Crematory Furnaces.