On Saturday, October 7, 2017, in the presence of the Mayor and many local authorities, was held the Opening Ceremony of the renovated Ara Crematoria located at the Bra Cemetery. At the ceremony, besides the city authorities and the local press, a large group of citizens interested in taking a look at the new facility that will offer the local cremation service.

The job, carried out by the COINCRE Consortium, involved the complete refurbishment of the Ara Crematoria building, both inside and outside, under the supervision of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Affairs. In this work, COINCRE wanted to install a second cremator, the new generation of GEM CRM 6R model with an automatic coffin insertion system and the most advanced flue gas treatment systems. The GEM plant is also able to handle cremation of coffin with zinc lining, thus satisfying a large area currently without this type of cremation service. In addition to the new second line, COINCRE has completely refurbished the building next to the Ara Crematoria called "Ex Custodian's House", the recovery of an abandoned building as a reception area and offices, as well as for Reception and Delivery of Cremation Ash.